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Bathroom Update for Less than $100

The Ugly Vanity

before vanity remodel

I just couldn't look at my outdated 90s vanity any longer. So I grabbed some extra blue paint I had on hand and went to town. I knew it couldn't get any worse.

The handles had to go! I searched for a new set at my local Lowes. I knew I wanted a modern square look and feel. I was delighted to find a simple silver square shape.

The old shower curtain came with the house when we bought it. It was just too drab for the space. I picked up the new brightly colored floral printer shower curtain from Fred Meyer.

Since our shower has a built in shelf it felt extremely small. I picked up a curved shower rod. The new rod added so much space to the shower. My elbow no longer brushes the shower curtain, which used to creep me out, especially with the old curtain.

I settled for a cheap $20 Target shelf. It's not my favorite but I needed one quickly. We picked up the small white vase on a recent trip to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Market (more to come in an upcoming post). The cedar and holly was collected from our yard. We a blessed with a lot!

The Orange Amber air freshener is Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, also from Target. And I'm told it smells delicious (I don't have a sense of smell sadly)!

The best part, and possibly most expensive, is this easy to load toilet paper holder. We've eliminated an on-going argument at home about putting the tp on the holder. It magically appears now and not on the sink! I'm thrilled!

The Big Reveal!

Drumroll please....

These quick and inexpensive changes made a huge improvement until we get a chance to remodel someday. For now, it's a joyful space that makes me happy instead of embarrassed. And the whiter shower curtain allows more light to pour into the the shower. Huge win!

What do you think of the changes? If you like what you see please remember to subscribe and share!

Keep building!

Kelli Mohr

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