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Learn How to Caulk Trim in 60 Seconds or Less

I admit, I was scared to caulk my own trim. I left my house unfinished for 8 years out of my own fear. When I decided to sell my home, I had to learn fast. Watch the video for a quick guide or follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Supplies

To get started, pick up the supplies below from your local hardware store or use the links below to view our suggested products page:

Step 2 - Cut the Tip

Most Caulk Guns have a circle on the handle. Squeeze the grip to cut the tip of the caulk. Be careful not to cut too high. The opening determines the precision of the caulk line later.

Step 3 - Open the Caulk

Puncture the opening of the caulk with the supplied puncture tool on the gun.

Step 4 - Load the Gun

Slide the tube of caulk over the bar and tuck the front tip in the opening of the gun. Push the bar forward until the caulk is secure on the gun. Squeeze the handle until the flow of caulk begins.

Step 5 - Caulk the Trim

Gently squeeze the handle and draw a line along the seem you want to fill. Don't worry about too much or little. You can easily add more caulk or use a wet rag to remove excess.

Step 6 - Smooth the Caulk

Use your finger to smooth the caulk along the edge of the trim. Don't worry about excess caulk build up on your finger. We'll use the excess in the next step.

Step 7 - Use Excess Caulk for Holes

Use the excess caulk build up on your finger to fill in holes, staples, nails, and screw heads.

Step 8 - Seal the Caulk

Insert a nail or screw into the tip of the caulk to seal the container and keep your caulk fresh.

Once you get the hang of the process, it goes a lot faster. I was able to complete my 950 sq ft condo in 3 days. I'd love to hear from you. What was your experience like? Feel free to contact me!

Happy home improvement!

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